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Music Land
Russian-American Child Care in Bothell
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Music Land
Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Visitors
Welcome to Music Land Child Care!
At Musicland we offer superb Russian-American child care.
Your children will learn to love music, stories, fairy-tales, poems, and natural science. They will be exposed to the beauty of nature around them. Our facility is warm, cozy and filled with creative activities. We are certain Music Land will become a second home for your child.
Even though your child is just 2, 3, or 4 years old, it is at this stage the foundation for their future knowledge is being laid.
At our Music Land child care, each day is filled with new discoveries and learning; and each lesson is a journey into the world of knowledge.
Most importantly, your children will learn to be compassionate, sharing, helpful, forgiving, and respectful. They will appreciate and care for their friends and treat others with kindness and fairness.
Music Land
Welcome to "Music Land"!
Music Land

We offer:
Music Land
               Educational Classes
  • Basic Math
  • Russian
  • English
  • Natural Science
Music & Drama Classes
  • Singing
  • Musical Instruments
  • Musical Theater
  • Musical History
  • Musical Theory
  • Performance Recital
Music Land
Music Land
       Art Classes
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Crafts
  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Spacious, warm, cozy building
  • Dedicated bedrooms with beds for each child
  • Homemade nutritious meals four times a day
  • Big back yard for games, walks and play area
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
  At Music Land Day Care, we operate a Musical Studio for children and adults
  • Group classes for children with moms (Russian-speaking group)
  • Choir class (Russian-speaking group)
  • Individual piano lessons for children 5-year-old and older
About Us
Music Land
Success in any aspect of life is possible only when a person has a healthy world view and a creative approach to problem solving. The foundation for success is laid at early stages of child development. That's why we make an emphasis on providing each child and opportunity to learn and to develop physical, intellectual, social, and emotional faculties.
With these goals in mind, we have based our program on musical education.
Music facilitates the development of creative thinking, imagination, attention, and memory. The earlier a child starts learning music, the more versatile his/her intellectual and emotional development will be.
Music Land
       Musical education encompasses all spheres of child development:
    • Playing an instrument improves academic skills, develops physical skills, refines discipline and patience, boosts self-esteem, and introduces children to other cultures.
    • Dancing increases muscular strength, a great range of motion, body awareness, balance, coordination, motor fitness. Dance provides children a positive way to express themselves.
    • Musical theater and singing help develop speech, creative thinking, imagination, and healthy self-esteem.
    • Group performance in choir or band teaches social skills, cooperation, mutual respect, and discipline.
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land
Music Land

Contact Us

If you would like to visit our Daycare center please call or email us to schedule a tour:
(425) 286-5532
Our Address:
17317  3rd  Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98012


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Russian-American Child Care "Music Land"
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